B. Voc in Mechatronics

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Mechatronics is the systematic integration of mechanical, electrical and electronic components for systems to handle modern industrial requirements with high precision and accuracy. Rapid development in electronics and computer technologies in recent times has meant that conventional mechanical systems are being replaced by mechatronic systems. This means an increased demand for efficient and cost effective products that are compact, accurate and reliable.

Mechatronic systems are now an integral part of consumer products. They range from aircrafts, ships and submarines to electronic gadgets and military applications. Mechatronic systems include sensors and actuation technology, signal conditioning, data acquisition, and processing, control system development, measurement and instrumentation, PLC and embedded ICs for automation and robot development.

In this programme, students are trained to develop competency in the modelling and design of mechatronic systems. Students will learn how to use sensors, signal conditioning and signal processing circuitry, embedded microcontroller ICs and PLCs. We include training for building controllers for robots and industrial automation along with testing, evaluation and diagnosis of mechatronic systems.

We train students with the necessary skills to operate in the field of business communication, project management and managerial aspects. Students will meet the demand for professionals with multi-domain skills in the handling of product development to meet the needs of collaborative business environments.

We are one of few institutions that offer job-oriented courses in this field. Candidates with a background in ITI and PUC or with diplomas can apply. Students can choose the duration of the course.