B. Voc in Culinary Operations

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Established in 1993 as the Faculty of Hotel Management’, we are now known as the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology’. We offer a vocational degree that is just the programme for an aspiring chef.

Our courses are tailor-made for students with an aptitude for creativity in the kitchen that will refine inherent talents while offering the skills for employability and entrepreneurship. 

The programme is flexible and lets students work alongside study. With multiple entries and exits into the programme, students can either opt for a one year diploma or three years of study. Each level offers training for preparedness at the entry-level in industry, or in supervisory and managerial roles. 

Our faculty placement cell works to ensure excellent opportunities for internships abroad. 

The programme includes two semesters per year with 90 sessions of hands-on cookery practicals and 60 sessions of theoretical inputs and soft skills per semester. We emphasise communication and personality development with basics of French language training for understanding the culinary domain more closely. 



Fees & Scholarships

Rs. 49850 per annum