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Food Service Courses

The Centre offers two courses on food service.

Certificate Programme in Serving Etiquette and Procedures 

Duration: 3 days

Good hospitality is important for the workplace, where happy clients, visitors and employees make for better business. Office attendants play a major role in creating a good impression. It is important that they exhibit good etiquette, use safe and hygienic practices and the correct techniques while serving food and beverage in offices. 

The aim of this course is to train office staff to serve food and beverage at meetings using the correct techniques while displaying professional standards of grooming and hygiene. 

The course will include professional grooming, the importance of hygiene, standard phrases, telephone and service etiquette, tray and table service of non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments and maintenance of equipment and service areas. 

Proficiency Programme in Food and Beverage Service 

Duration: 1 month

Many stand-alone restaurants offer employment for servers. But due to lack of resources, they often do not have resources to train freshers who join the outlets to work in. Trained staff who can perform functions required to operate food and beverage outlets with efficiency are needed. 

The aim of this course is to train prospective candidates with the right professional attitude and competencies in handling customers, taking orders and in the service of food and beverage.

The course will include professional communication, grooming, etiquette, methods of service, order taking procedures, techniques involved in the service of food, accompaniments, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, handling situations, the preparation of dining areas and the maintenance of equipment and areas.