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Facility Management and Housekeeping Courses

The Centre’s courses on Facility Management and Housekeeping prepare students for a career in hospitality. 

Safety and Hygiene at Workplace

Duration : 1 week, 2 hours per day

Target: Housekeeping associates and supervisors in faculty or students. 

This course aims to train students in the principles of health and safety. The course will also emphasise the importance of ergonomics and hygiene in the workplace. There will be a discussion of SOPs and best practices, safety and hygiene as followed in the industry.

Home Décor and Flower Arrangement

Duration: 2 days, 4hours per day

Target: Homemakers, butlers, and students

This course offers you an opportunity to learn how to transform every room into a space full of personality. This course will help you decorate a room with a minimalist flavour, with creativity and craft. This course will give you the right tips, techniques, and approaches to make most out of spaces, in a way that is functional and aesthetic.